April in Paris – Belgrade and Serbia presenting the Specialized Expo 2027 Candidacy

With the goal to present the proposed theme “Play for Humanity – Sport, and Music for All” and other key components of the project in detail, Belgrade and Serbia, as a part of their candidacy for the International Specialized Expo 2027, will host a symposium for the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) delegates.

On April 12, the Symposium will take place in Paris. 120 BIE delegates are anticipated to attend the gathering, which will be held at the 250-seat Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection. The Symposium will begin at 9:30 a.m. with guest registration and conclude at 2:00 p.m. with a cocktail in the hallway outside the hall.

The wife of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mrs. Tamara Vučić, will give the opening remarks at the Symposium. She will emphasize that Serbia and Belgrade are anxiously awaiting visitors for Specialized Expo 2027.

Mrs. Jelena Begović, Minister of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, will address the audience on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and elaborate on the government of Serbia’s readiness and commitment to host Specialized Expo 2027. In addition, Mrs. Begović will emphasize the value of play for the advancement of science, which is crucial in these times of rapid change.

The data, facts, and figures on the effects and advantages of Specialized Expo 2027 on the business climate in Serbia and the region will be presented by Mr. Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Doctor Mr. Ranko Rajović will elaborate on the significance of the play as the guiding principle for the best learning, keeping in mind that he is the creator of the NTC learning model, which is used in 17 European nations. Mr. Ned Wills, Co-CEO of Laureus, will highlight Play as a crucial component that measures sporting success and the ability of sports to change children’s and young people’s lives.

For Belgrade Specialized Expo 2027’s “Play for Humanity – Sport, and Music for All” concept, music is a crucial pillar. The brothers Teofilović will provide more information on why music is the common language of all people.

More information about the challenges, strategies, and significance of the urban and architectural initiatives EXPO 2027 for Belgrade and Serbia will be shared by Mr. Mark Fenwick and Mr. Marko Stojić, architect and head of Belgrade’s urban planning planner, while Mr. Dušan Borovčanin will moderate the Symposium.

The Paris symposium will provide yet another chance to highlight how the Republic of Serbia and Belgrade have already demonstrated time and time again that they possess the organizational, professional, and human resources necessary to successfully host the world’s largest events. Additionally, the international specialized exhibition Expo 2027 will provide an exceptional chance to highlight Serbia’s and Belgrade’s status as Europe’s cultural and artistic hub.

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