Mali: EXPO is an unmissable development opportunity for Belgrade and Serbia

Siniša Mali, the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and the Minister of Finance emphasized today that the organization of the specialized exhibition “EXPO 2027” and the concurrent construction of accompanying facilities represent a developmental opportu”ity for Belgrade and Serbia that should not be missed.

During a guest appearance on Prva television, he called upon the citizens of Serbia to contribute their creative ideas and proposals to a project that will propel Serbia into the global spotlight in 2027, attracting new investors and investments.

“I extend an invitation to the citizens: suggest to us what to construct, how to reshape our nation, and present it in a novel way, ensuring a better life for all our children,” Mali stated, adding that Serbia will undergo significant transformations by 2027, just as it has evolved since the past.

He emphasized the magnitude of the EXPO as a global event, forecasting an influx of approximately three million visitors to Serbia throughout the three-month exhibition. The minister disclosed that preparatory work on the site is already in progress, and this substantial investment endeavor will lead to the creation of an entirely new urban zone. Contracts for the construction of essential linear infrastructure, including approximately eight kilometers of roads, substations, gas pipelines, heating plants, and sewage systems, have already been signed. The preparatory work for EXPO and the National Stadium has been initiated.

He further added that large quantities of sand and stone will be transported to the site for necessary land leveling, and construction on the National Stadium and other facilities will commence within seven to eight months. Additionally, 1,500 apartments will be erected in this location, primarily for exhibition participants, with plans to offer them to the public at a later stage.

The minister affirmed his commitment to pursuing various investments, announcing the forthcoming inauguration of the Prokop railway station on October 20. Furthermore, efforts will be directed towards building a new bus station in New Belgrade, seamlessly connected to the railway station. He disclosed plans for a new bridge over the Sava River, ongoing work on the subway, the establishment of a high-speed railway connecting Belgrade to Niš, and later extending to Preševo—initiatives collectively propelling Serbia and Belgrade towards progress. He stressed the importance of planned investments in education, healthcare, and high-tech development, which will include science and technology parks, as well as the acquisition of another supercomputer.

Mali pointed out that in 2019, our country began the implementation of the “Serbia 2020-2025” program, and he emphasized that the plan’s timelines and objectives are being diligently adhered to.

“Now, we are taking a further step forward, as EXPO is intricately woven into the comprehensive narrative. In addition to the existing projects, we are introducing new initiatives, such as investments in each port and earmarking ten million euros for facade renovations in every city. This transformative effort will span across Serbia. Within the next few weeks, construction will commence on the bypass around Kragujevac, and we also anticipate the contract signing for the Belgrade-Zrenjanin highway,” he emphasized.

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