Belgrade’s EXPO 2027 Candidacy Presented to Newly Appointed Ambassadors to Serbia

Belgrade’s candidacy to host the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2027 was presented to the newly appointed ambassadors to Serbia. Nikola Selaković, Serbian Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs once again pointed out that Serbia is the first country in Southeast Europe to submit such a candidacy.

The reason for today’s gathering is the presentation, not only of the candidacy for the EXPO but also of our country, which is running as the first southeastern country in history to host such an event. Ambassadors, I want you all to feel at home as ambassadors in Belgrade.” Selaković said.

When we look at the world map, Serbia is in the center of Europe. According to all parameters, it represents the fastest growing economy and records an exceptional recovery after the pandemic,” said Vukašin Grozdić, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

He added that Serbia is also working on improving infrastructure, emphasizing that the construction of as many as 10 highways is intended to make trade and transport as efficient as possible.

Grozdić also presented to the ambassadors the construction project of the New Belgrade Fair, which would be the venue for the EXPO conference, and thus far the only major infrastructure project undertaken for EXPO by any candidate country.

We are talking about a complex, a multifunctional space near the new National Stadium in Surčin. When it comes to the construction itself, the construction will start already this year and so far, it is going according to plan,” said Grozdić.

Grozdić reminded the ambassadors about the Open Balkan initiative and pointed to the efficiency of the business, which is achieved by the free flow of people, goods, and services.

That’s why Open Balkan was created, that’s why we abolished borders. Many companies can now work much more efficiently. This is all to increase investments,” added Grozdić.

He emphasized that the candidacy for EXPO 2027 was seen as a project of national importance, with the idea to include and encourage the entire region to participate.

According to their opinion and will, Grozdić invited the ambassadors to to make the best decision and vote for Serbia in June.

In addition to 21 ambassador, Jelena Begović, Serbian Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, and Tomislav Momirović, Serbian Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade attended the presentation as well.

In January 2022, Belgrade and Serbia officially submitted their bid to host the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2027 with the theme “Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All”.

In June of last year, a comprehensive presentation of Serbia’s dossier for organizing the Specialized Exhibition was held in Paris, when Prime Minister Ana Brnabić addressed the attendees of the 170th General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE), while several ministers and the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce gave assurances and explanations of the comparative advantages of Serbia and Belgrade.

On the occasion of the candidacy to host EXPO 2027, another presentation was held in Paris, in November, when our delegation at the 171st General Assembly of the BIE had the opportunity to once again meet the representatives of the members of that bureau that our capital and country are fully ready to host one of the most prestigious world events.

In April, also in Paris, Belgrade, and Serbia presented their candidacy for the EXPO 2027 specialized exhibition to the delegates of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, and the wife of the President of Serbia, Tamara Vučić, confirmed Serbia’s clear intention to apply for the specialized exhibition.

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