Belgrade Triumphs as the Host of Expo 2027: A New Era Begins

In an exciting turn of events, Belgrade has emerged as the victorious host city for Expo 2027. The 172nd General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) took place on June 21, 2023, and the principle of one country, one vote has bestowed this prestigious honor upon Serbia’s capital. This remarkable achievement marks a new era for Belgrade and the nation as they prepare to showcase their innovative spirit, cultural heritage, and transformative vision on the global stage.

The news of Belgrade’s triumph in securing the hosting rights for Expo 2027 has been met with joyous celebrations across Serbia. The city’s vibrant streets are filled with jubilant crowds, and anticipation and excitement permeate the air. This victory is not only a testament to Belgrade’s capabilities but also a testament to the unwavering determination and collective effort of the Serbian people.

On the day of the presentation, the Serbian delegation, now led by Minister of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, Jelena Begović, arrived at the Paris Congress Hall. Delegates from 179 BIE member countries gathered for this crucial moment—the selection of the host for the specialized Expo in 2027.

Before the voting commenced, each country was given an additional opportunity to present itself for 20 minutes, reaffirming its commitment and showcasing its strengths. The Serbian delegation took the stage, emphasizing the remarkable potential of Serbia and Belgrade. Minister Begović, along with the chief urban planner of the city of Belgrade, Marko Stojčić, the director of the Belgrade Fair, Danka Selić, the director of the Congress Center of Serbia, Dušan Borovčanin, and representatives from the Government of Serbia, passionately conveyed Serbia’s readiness to host the International Specialized Exhibition Expo 2027. They highlighted the country’s organizational, technical, professional, and human capacities and resources, all of which are essential for the successful execution of this grand event scheduled from May 15 to August 15, 2027.

With the presentation concluded, the moment of truth arrived. Delegates from around the world prepared for the decisive vote, conducted by secret ballot. Anticipation filled the air as the fate of the Belgrade Expo 2027 lay in the hands of the voting members.

Serbia’s bid had captured the imagination of many, showcasing a vision of unity, innovation, and cultural exchange. Now, the world waited eagerly for the announcement that would determine the host of Expo 2027, an event that held the potential to transform Belgrade and Serbia on a global scale.

With the theme “Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All,” Belgrade Expo 2027 promises to be a groundbreaking event that will captivate the world. The chosen theme reflects Serbia’s passion for sports and music, which are deeply ingrained in the nation’s culture. Expo 2027 will serve as a platform to explore the intersection of these two domains, highlighting their unifying power and their ability to foster inclusivity, well-being, and harmony among people from all walks of life.

Throughout the process, key figures and representatives from various sectors in Serbia united in their shared belief in the transformative power of Expo 2027. Their unwavering commitment, combined with the support and enthusiasm of the Serbian people, has culminated in the realization of this grand ambition.

The organization of Expo 2027 in Belgrade represents a significant opportunity to attract investments and promote business opportunities in Serbia. The exhibition is expected to attract the attention of numerous countries, institutions, and agencies, resulting in new investments and business partnerships that can positively impact the country’s economic development, create new jobs, and transfer technology. The estimated 2.6 million tourists who will visit the exhibition are expected to generate revenue from accommodation, food, transportation, and other tourist services, with a total economic impact of 1.1 billion euros.

The planned construction of new exhibition space, accommodation facilities, and commercial buildings in Surčin will bring investments in infrastructure, create new jobs, and improve economic activity in that region. The exhibition is also expected to stimulate the development of tourist infrastructure, further contributing to the country’s economic growth. Belgrade Expo 2027 can contribute to the legacy and sustainable development of the region, attracting investments, and promoting economic growth.

As a host, Serbia will offer the world the richness of Serbian culture, tradition, and innovation, showcasing its love for sports, music, and play and its connection to global issues such as inclusion, sustainability, and technological progress. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore pavilions, discover Serbian cuisine, art, and history, and experience the authentic hospitality of Belgrade.

As Belgrade prepares to embark on this momentous journey, the city anticipates an influx of global visitors, innovators, artists, and athletes who will converge to celebrate the possibilities of human achievement. Expo 2027 will be a testament to Belgrade’s rich history, vibrant present, and boundless future—a platform where ideas, cultures, and dreams converge, creating a lasting impact not only for Serbia but for the entire world.

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