EXPO 2027 Belgrade supports the Belgrade Marathon
April 28, 2024
EXPO 2027 Belgrade supported the Belgrade Marathon, and together they will promote the importance of sport and play as the basic themes of an upcoming specialised exhibition, and a very important factor for a healthier life and a better society.

"Serbia got the opportunity to host the EXPO specialised exhibition in 2027, beating the candidates from USA, Thailand, Spain and Argentina. The theme of the specialized exhibition is “Play for Humanity, Sports and Music for All", and as we often say that Serbia is a country of sports, the partnership of EXPO 2027 with the biggest sports event in Belgrade came naturally. United we keep on promoting sports and educating society about the benefits of sports for mental and physical health, and we support the universal values of a healthy living, togetherness, team spirit and motivation for better achievements" said Dušan Borovčanin, Director of EXPO 2027 Belgrade.

During the three months of the exhibition in 2027, Serbia will have the opportunity to show the world, in addition to its skills in sports and music, its culture, knowledge, innovation, creativity in the field of technological development, but also to present Serbia as an ideal country for investment and cooperation. During this period, more than 2.6 million visitors are expected to enjoy a very interesting content through the pavilions of Serbia and more than a hundred countries.

"We will show that we are a country of innovation, brains, modern ideas and that we have all the resources to keep up with the latest trends and technology. And what is most interesting and challenging is that we do it through play," added Borovčanin.

EXPO 2027 Belgrade will present the capital and Serbia as the host of an attractive, informative and playful world class exhibition to be held in our region after more than 30 years, as well as an interesting and trade fair destination.
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